Famous blue raincoat – part 2

4 06 2020

Thanks – for the trouble you took from her eyes.

All along it was there for good,

And no one, indeed, ever tried.


Thanks – for you made her a flake of your life,

Shiny, weightless, amusing and free

Best before: Monday, quarter to five.


Thanks – for you showed her: no matter how good,

You just had all the flakes in your world,

You just hardly could care for one more.


Thanks – so sincerely, as never before,

For the trouble you took from her eyes,

Stunned at it for a while – and placed back.

Some famous blue raincoat – part 1

2 06 2020


He made me so aware 

Of the nods, and edges,

And witty shingles of my

Queerly shaped uneven spirit

And body that reacted bluntly and 

Shun itself into exhaustion.

He made me yearn for easiness of being with him

While I would never be but a flake

Of his illuminated life.

And though I hurt to be a flake,

He made me live at once.

Indeed, he took the trouble from my eyes…


In Deine Hände

31 05 2020

In Deine Hände, große Stille,

ich lege meine kranke Stirn.

Entstellt, gelöst, geklärt, entzwirnt –

Befreit von Hoffnung´ sanften Wirren,

Entkleidet aller Kraft und Wille –

Ich füge mich reumütig Dir.


Drück Deinen Mund an meine Schläfen,

umarme mich – ich bin so leer,

so einsam, ruhig und verklärt,

im tiefen, trüben, kalten Meer –

lass dieses Weh in mir einschläfern

Durch Deine Ruh. Ich träum nicht mehr.

in your eyes only

16 05 2020

Show me how to be precious,

desperate, devious, hysterical,

быть восхитительно бешеной, –

woven between these lines

of some heretic simplicity

my overzealous mind

never could fully grasp.


Your intricate pattern:

this subtly feline

– indescribable –

line of your silhouette,

perfectly filling space,

maddens me out of my wits.


This delicate subtlety of

– ! your exclamation marks ! –


from unaware eyes,

bent to still question marks

over my pertinent fear

mixed with this stubborn anger,

spiced with unfulfilled longing,

drenched in endless coffee.


See me with those eyes of yours, –

the eyes of the Other –

see yourself in dissimilarity,

for I, too,



– this new me –

in your eyes only.


Так нежно…

18 06 2019

Так нежно.

Так тихо и нежно,

Как воздух, что в горле, смутившись

Банальностью голосовых связок,

Беззвучно, пугливо, интимно

Вплавляется в бесконечность

Движений, улыбок и взглядов.

Как кончики пальцев,

чуть вздрогнув,

смолкают, не смея коснуться,

И дух раздосадован этой –

Незримой. Неумолимой.

До бешенства вездесущей –

Тончайшей прозрачной границей.

Ах, как мы исполнены такта!

С Тобой – говорить и смеяться,

Лелея те взгляды украдкой,

Невинные прикосновенья –

Так близко и так бесконтактно.

Как будто мы малые дети…

Так нежно, легко и безмерно,

Лишь вовремя, как при румбе,



назад, – и смирно

Бежать по привычным спинам…

Так нежно, украдкой, с улыбкой,

Так трогательно и… параллельно

Эвклидово наше пространство.

As I

20 05 2019

As I



the water edge

of freshly gained illusions, hopes, and wishes,


as I


a smile


the chlor-free pages

of some thoughts, enwrapped in words and figures,


as I


in passing



of your trained, well-balanced mind,


I am



to fly.

and still.

Don´t let me fall between the lines.


The one

6 05 2019

The one, who smiles nonchalantly

and replies to the stories of childhood anxieties

with that soft „that was long ago, ey?“ –

which suddenly works,

and you stumble and blink and – then at once, you can breathe again.

The one who stammers himself,

when touched deeper on his own demons,

as if no one ever cared to ask twice when he says everything´s fine.

The one, who steps up and draws back far too quickly

for my overcautious mind to react just in time.

The one who never comes too close and is never away,

who shares the tiredness, excitement, energy,

and cranial hunger of a raging spirit,

and yet fills you with that meek, quiet, and despicable peace,

that makes your every cell smile like a Cheshire cat,

the one who brings you light.