Between the lines

29 03 2018

Lost so deep between the lines,

Far too smart for implications,

For unwise insinuations

Far too earnest, far too fine.


Lines with lead still feel so light,

Following your shapes. No touching.

Modest, decent. Am I blushing? –

When the lines collide…


Last Friday

22 03 2018

Last Friday, just about noon,

When people pack and throw themselves

Out of their Windows and afloat into the rest of

one more weekend:

yet another more.


Last Friday, as I spread my wings and savoured

The early nauseating air of spring,

Spring, pregnant with unbearable beauty of the life to come,

with all the hope and hormones waking up,

while birds don´t trust themselves to sing. Not yet! It is too early!


Last Friday, stretched between the worlds,

between the words,

between my thoughts, so quick and ruthless,

between the common sense – and senses,

between the holy spring and holy Reason,

I desperately lost myself.

A bee

19 03 2018

A bee on a flower

The other and other – late spring

Oh so much work now!

Bild 301

Photo: AS, 2009

Unreachable height

15 03 2018

Unreacheable height

Mountains reaching the clouds

Ever so close sky?



8 03 2018

Take off your face and put it over there,

Beside the mirror. Right!

No pretence accepted.

Just look me in the eye,

Don’t speak, but listen, feel it in the air:

The perfect silence…


The heavenly present of muteness

Upon the lips that joke too eagerly and far too often,

Upon the mockery of human voices, high and low,

Upon the comedy of human drama.

The tears that never felt like weep,

for no one knows what proper tears feel like.

We learn to bear that cheerful empty face,

that crunches over senseless petty causes;

we know no longer why we came and where

shall we all go, –

And so we talk,

for talking cures the holes inside us,

oh, does it really? –

The holes that can’t be truly stitched by words.


Let us be quiet and inhale at last

This little blessing of

Letting them go: the masks, the words, the actions,

Just letting us be us,

and breathe,

and live.


To the lighthouse

1 03 2018

A walk to a lighthouse

Dark gray water´s rumble aside

Wind, salt, and silence.


Photo: AS, 2012

If I can trust

26 02 2018

I do can push you off the way.

You know not what I am:

I can be strong, I break the walls

if needed

with my head and will,

I could eat nails and broken glass.

I can command.

Eye-lashes. Leather lashes.

I scare you off,

Don´t touch me,

Don´t come closer! Run away! I´m hazardous! Keep out!


Yet if you stay and wait,

Not driven out by the storm of furious angst inside me,

If you keep quiet, till the blizzard´s over.

The roaring sea subsides,

The shore is calming,

I´m not afraid of you,

You can come in.

Look! I can show you what I have:

Those little joyful shiny things,

The sparkles of the morning sun,

So irresistible and calling

Across the meek and peaceful water.


If I can trust,

Oh! What a blissful pleasure to be simply me,

To sail away, so uncorrupt and free,

To be and to belong,

To be so wisely stupid.

If only I could learn to trust…