Sommer in der Stadt

19 10 2017

Sommer in der Stadt:

Zucker, Benzin und Parfüm in der zitternden Luft,

Der Gehsteig glüht vor Hitze.

Eine junge Frau im samtenen Kleid –

eine fließende Kurve zum Staunen.

Ein Kind blickt mich an

durch die Lokalvitrine,

nachdenklich und naiv, so unbekümmert rein –

Ein kleiner Weiser! –

Und ich muss lächeln…


Bewegung überall: ein Werktag,

hin und her und wieder zurück,

den Geschäften nach,

Alles bebt

Und fließt

Und atmet


So schön ist das!

Ich bin am Leben!

Das Herz schlägt – ich schlage noch! –

Verliebt in diese Stadt:

Wo waren doch meine Augen früher?


May you be blessed, the long-expected spring!

16 10 2017

May you be blessed, this long-expected spring!

With your full-flowing unexpected brooks,

Your rustles, chirring, breaths and flap of wings,

And your concealed, confused and ardent looks.


May it be played in sharp and major keys

Your inexplicable and sparkling soul,

Your heat of life which longs to be released,

And to the partial prefers the whole.


May you last long, these long-awaited charms.

From underworld you come or from above?

The spell that strengthens me and still disarms:

You are so simple, and your name is love.

It aches

18 09 2017

It aches. Day after day and moment after moment.

This pulsing, bleeding piece of emptiness inside.

Concealed, it crawls into my bed at night

To gnaw, to tear – and go on hide next morning.


I fill it up with tons of songs and actions,

And wear my perfect face, so wise and strong.

I joke my heart out, as if nothing w´re wrong

And die with smile and dream of resurrection.


Morning Coffee – Aus der Naivitätensammlung

16 06 2017

Motion, motion, minutes flashing,

Glisten’ning, passing – far thee well!

Here you’re born – here rings the bell.

World of boredom, world of passion.


Little time, less use we running,

Winning, failing, flying high,

Falling badly, shining bright –

Darkness scaring, silence stunning.


Never losing, never finding.

Humans? – Silly twirling flock,

Dancing to the Ragnarǿk.

What a circus! Helpless. Funny…


Poor silly me

8 06 2017

Poor silly me, in vain, in vain.

No introspection saves from sorrows,

No use to fight, no use to follow,

So beautiful and silly brain.


So adult and so childish soul,

The Nowhereland of my illusions,

No use to run and no solution –

Poor silly me and that is all.


Tertius… scriptat – Aus der Naivitätensammlung

29 05 2017

Duobus litigantibus, tertius gaudet scriptat

The world goes round, we come and pass.

The grain of states runs up – and dies.

The first today – will kiss the dust.

Tomorrow’s truths – tomorrow’s lies…


Old idols fall – new ones rise high.

Saint Justice rules – yet can be bribed.

The two will never stop their fight –

The Third will watch. And will describe.


Futility, merry-go-round… – Aus der Naivitätensammlung

25 05 2017

Futility, merry-go-round,

Captivity of my days.

The price of the soul to pay

For all of the roads unfound.


For all of the doors unopened,

All of the problems unsolved

And those whom I never loved,

For promises ever broken.


The pendulum, heart inspiring

For heights I will ever achieve,

For those whom I’ll never leave –

Futility purifying!